Asian girl in shibari bondage suspended


The master is inspecting every sweet bit of his shibari bondage doll, especially into the bits were the ropes are digging into her soft flesh. The slave girl doesn’t dare to scream though she can’t help a few whimpers from escaping her lips. Her fingers are starting to swell from the tightness of the shibari bondage holding her arms back and stringing her up like a Japanese piñata. Her master is enjoying looking at the sweet tied up girl so much that he pushes her like a swing, watching how she squirms as her body wavers in the air.

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Eggs covered slave in Japanese rope bondage scene


A girl is lying on cold tiles with her hair wet and her body covered in raw eggs and possibly milk. Her hands are next to her body held together by rope wrapped tightly around her upper naked body. She’s wrapped the shibari style – Japanese bondage.She’s got eggs on her face which appeared to be smeared further by a guy’s bare foot who’s sitting above her. Girls knees are bent and appear to be resting on his other leg. A guy appears to be holding an empty jar who’s contents possibly are on the floor and on the girl. He appears to be naked from the waist down.

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Blindfolded slave in shibari bondage getting whipped


Master always blindfolds his Tokyo slaves so they will never know what is coming next. The girl is tied up with such shibari bondage that she can still squirm- though it will cause the network of ropes to dig into her tits. The master has fun with her little slave doll by bringing his leather whip down over her most sensitive parts. The girl doesn’t know when or where to expect the blow, so the stinging whip causes her to squirm in her shibari bondage. The master watches how his Tokyo slave girl squirms with satisfactions and then brings the whip down once again.

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Japanese bondage master and his red wax dripped slaves


Two Japanese girls with their eyes closed are lying on the floor covered with plastic sheets. Their fully naked bodies are spotted with red wax dripped on them earlier. The girl on the left has her left leg tied together to a right leg of the girl on the right. Their ankles and fees are tied. Both girls have their legs bent at the knees – a form of Japanese shibari bondage. Both girls seem to enjoy the pleasure and the pain being brought to them by gray haired Japanese bondage master in the background. The pussy of the girl on the right is in full view with her legs spread. A closer look reveals that it’s not just the front of their bodies that is covered in red wax but also their buttocks.

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Shibari style tied up japanese in waxing experience


Well, Japanese are officially the craziest, kinkiest people of the porn world. It has been a theory, but this fine scene proves it once and for all. Check out as they tie this cute Japanese babe shibari-style and give her hell. They really know how to mix pain and pleasure in such a way that this girl doesn’t know whether to scream because of that hot wax or to moan with pleasure of being bound and fondled with. She really has the time of her life and an shibari bondage experience she will talk about for years.

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