Wax covered asian in shibari bondage


Shibari dolls may get used to the pain, but they will never adjust to the humiliation their bodies endure. This slave girl has been strung up with expert shibari bondage just for the pleasures of her master. With a pulley system rigged up, the doll flies into whatever position the master desires. First, he restrained the girl with his shibari bondage in a slightly reclining position. When he poured hot wax down her body, the scorching material burned her body before being able to run off her pale white skin. It hurts but it’s more embarrassing how the doll’s pussy gets hot too.

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Humiliated japanese in shibari bondage


After being tied up with shibari bondage, tortured with BDSM, and having her pussy lips abused, this girl receives the worst punishment of all. The worst thing Tokyo slaves can endure is humiliation, which doesn’t come just from being restrained and abused. The Japanese slave girl didn’t satisfy her master. He had put so much loving work into her shibari bondage and even strapped electrodes to her wet snatch, but the girl still could barely whimper, she was in such shock. Master won’t let his slave go to waste though. Instead, he turns her into a door mat to wipe feet on.

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Crucified cuttie in japanese shibari ropes


Whoa, this scene is one scene that you must check out if you have a taste for japanese bondage of a bit of fetish fun. It features a very cute Japanese girl going through some serious fetish fun with shibari ropes. The guy skillfully ties her up shibari-style and then crucifies her on some bamboo sticks. HE then gags her and has his way with her. He plays with her titties that stick out of all that rope and she clearly enjoys it. You can see how much she enjoys not being in control and letting herself at the disposal of this master of bondage.

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Asian girl in shibari bondage suspended


The master is inspecting every sweet bit of his shibari bondage doll, especially into the bits were the ropes are digging into her soft flesh. The slave girl doesn’t dare to scream though she can’t help a few whimpers from escaping her lips. Her fingers are starting to swell from the tightness of the shibari bondage holding her arms back and stringing her up like a Japanese piƱata. Her master is enjoying looking at the sweet tied up girl so much that he pushes her like a swing, watching how she squirms as her body wavers in the air.

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Blindfolded slave in shibari bondage getting whipped


Master always blindfolds his Tokyo slaves so they will never know what is coming next. The girl is tied up with such shibari bondage that she can still squirm- though it will cause the network of ropes to dig into her tits. The master has fun with her little slave doll by bringing his leather whip down over her most sensitive parts. The girl doesn’t know when or where to expect the blow, so the stinging whip causes her to squirm in her shibari bondage. The master watches how his Tokyo slave girl squirms with satisfactions and then brings the whip down once again.

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