Hogtied Japanese slave in shibari rope bondage


A girl is hogtied and hanging in the air held together by a rope. Her naked body apart from cotton sox are covered with rope. Her arms are behind her back. She’s gagged by the same rope. The rope is also tied above and below her small breasts squeezing them painfully. The rope is also holding her ankles tied. She is enjoying some Japanese shibari bondage. A long haired blonde guy in the background looks on as the girl is hanging with her knees apart enough so her clean shaved pussy lips are exposed. The girls head is facing the floor and any movement with a rope tightly knotted may look impossible.

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Tied up asian slave waiting for her punishment


The slave doll had been begging to be taken out of her shibari bondage. The tight ropes were digging into her skin and causing her to turn first red, then a shade of blue like a Japanese plum. Her master finally listened to his shibari doll’s wishes, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t going to punish her- the girl should know better than to make requests from the master! She fell from her suspension with a thud onto the floor and landed in a position that tugged on her shibari bondage. The master watches her squirm with his whip ready in hand.

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Swollen nipples asian in shibari bondage


This girl is already whimpering but the shibari bondage fun has just begun. The master has tied up the young Japanese girl with expert rope knots that push her small titties down and cause her nipples to swell from the blood pushed into them. He feels just how wet the girl’s little snatch is while sticking a finger into her tight asshole, causing a terrible pain from stretching. The girl doesn’t have it bad yet but she can see the spilt wax on the mat from other Tokyo slaves and knows that the shibari bondage has just begun.

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Traditional clothes and shibari ropes


Japanese have been doing bondage for centuries now, the so called shibari bondage that transcends mere sexual tying up and becomes a form of art. Just take a look at this babe, in traditional clothes all tied up in that special was that accentuates her curves and lets your imagination run wild. They really show you how your brain can make a scene like this become the hottest scene ever. It’s not all about gaping pussies and bjs.

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Blowjob in Japanese shibari bondage


It looks like a traditional Japanese room along with bamboo mats covering the floors. A girl wearing only a kimono top is sitting bare bottomed on the floor with her knees behind her. She’s shibari style tied with her arms crossed at her back and rope going around her chest and arms in this Japanese bondage scene. She’s facing backwards to the camera and it looks like she’s performing oral sex to the guy standing up in the back who’s pants are around his ankles. Both of his hands are holding her head and grabbing her hair pushing her closer towards him.

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