Clothing pins in Japanese Bondage


If you want to see how proper Japanese bondage is done, you need to take a look at this hot scene. The Japanese really have this whole bondage stuff so perfected that it becomes art. Check out this cute Japanese slave as she is tied up by that rough rope, in their shibari style, which calls for a lot of knots and rope to be used to give the girls that special pleasure. In this Japanese bondage scene they also incorporated a bit of western style, with clothing pins clamped all over her big, natural breasts and her hard nipples.

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Suspended slave in shibari fucked with a dildo


Sometimes shibari dolls try to act tough and keep their pain bottled up inside. The masters know that this is dangerous to the shibari bondage process and need to get all that intense pain out of the little holes. The master calls in his own master to supervise the shibari bondage BDSM and the superior knows a few tricks to get this girl screaming. The combination of pain and pleasure will be too much for the shibari doll to handle so they string her up and ram a dildo into her cunt. The toy tickles her sensitive pleasure spots right while those ropes dig into her skin painfully.

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Master fingering his slave in Japanese bondage


They have been doing this for years. No wonder they lost the war. How can you fight when you know that you can have this much fun back home with missus. This Japanese shibari bondage has been done there for centuries and this fine scene will show you what it entails exactly. The babe lets herself at the guy’s disposal and gets tied up in a special way with elaborate rope schemes so that her curves stand out and look even more attractive. Once she is tied up nicely, the guy gives her insane orgasms by playing with her body.

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Slave in shibari bondage on the way to the ceiling


The master has just finished tying the last knots of the shibari bondage and stringing up his slave doll to the ceiling, but already the blood is flowing into the poor girl’s head. She keeps trying to lift her head up and stop the blood from causing an intense throbbing to her temples. It causes painful strain to her neck but the only thing that will keep the blood circulating is the tight shibari bondage. The Japanese rope bondage is so tight that is causes blood to pump throughout her bound skin.

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Japanese slave in shibari ropes


This fine scene is a perfect example why Japanese are the masters of bondage game. They have been doing that whole shibari bondage thing for so many years that they have infected the entire world with that. And this scene is a textbook example. It features a fine babe with a great body, tied in yards of rope that flaunts her womanly curves. You can focus on every single curve if you like, checking out her boobs or her pussy, or you can enjoy in her entire shape, so perfectly accentuated with those shibari ropes.

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