Three naked asian slaves supended in the air


Raging young babes get tied up and seduced into the most aggressive shibari bdsm domination. Check out the filthy sluts as they get stripped naked and tied up by ropes while being suspended on a large bar. The three chicks have to face a really powerful punisher who will torture and make them squeal and moan for mercy. The tightly tied breasts and ass cheeks bulge out from the restraints while the shibari seduction continues to make them suffer through pain.

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Slave gets tongue tortured in Japanese Bondage Scene


If you are a fan of any kind of Japanese bondage and related fetish play, you will adore this amazing scene brought to you by our very special friends from Tokyo. These Japanese guys really know what they are doing when it comes to bondage and it is no wonder. They have been doing their shibari bondage for centuries now and they really got it by the balls. Check out this pretty Japanese cutie getting tied up with miles of rope and her tongue tortured by some tool built from some chop sticks and rubber bands. Hats down to the Japanese.

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Tongue torture in Japanese shibari rope bondage


A girl in a kimono parted revealing her naked chest is tied in Japanese shibari bondage. A girl has her arms behind her back holding a bamboo stick across her back to make her back straight. Her arms are next to her body. The rope goes across her chest, around her waist and all the way to her neck. Her nipples are also tied with a thinner purplish rope pegged to the rope tied around her tongue. There is also a hand of a man who appears to be patting the girl on the head,while she’s fully tied and fully exposed. The breasts are squeezed with nipples erect from the little knots tied around them.

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Two japanese cuties in shibari bondage


Check out this Mickey Rourke look alike having his fun with two super cute Japanese babes using their own invention- shibari bondage. He has these nubile young sweetie tied up like they have never been tied up before and he fondles their young, firm bodes. The girls are experiencing that perfect blend of anxiety and sexual pleasure that is just mind-blowing. Join these three in their little kinky party and see how sweet Japanese girls take shibari bondage and let their bodies for this guy to do whatever he wants.

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Twins schoolgirls in shibari bondage


These two twins have always been inseparable and now that is literal with some careful shibari bondage put into use. The two schoolgirls become Tokyo Slaves to this master who is putting the last Japanese bondage knots into place. They are bond together with each of their legs separately tied up. This means that their delectable pussies are still completely open and no squirming, kicking legs will interfere with access. The shibari bondage is tight enough to bring a crimson blush to their pale white skin, which is even whiter because of the twins’ fear.

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